Cover classics on this music platform


Smule India, a social network for music, is connecting people during the lockdown with its sing-along platform. The popular Geeta Dutt number ‘Aye Dil Mujhe Bata De’ from Bhai Bhai (1956), is the current favourite. “On Smule you can sing karaoke, listen to covers, connect with music aficionados and sing duets,” says Antoaneta Hristova, Director, Marketing (Europe & Asia), Smule adding, “You can upload your arrangements and create covers of your favourite tracks in simple ways.”

According to Smule, music is more than just listening; it includes creating, sharing, discovering, participating and connecting. Smule’s karaoke app is popular among users across age groups. Users can create collaborations with their friends and community. The app also has popular artists on board and users can sing with them.

Users can download Smule for free. “Certain features are available on the app for free. However, if a user wants to sing a song and have others joining in, he or she will have to pay.” On the app, one can go freestyle and do something different without a background track — acapella, instrumental cover, spoken word or acoustic. With Smule, anyone can start a song, and anyone can join, creating a new song that fuses the two songs together.

Smule was founded in 2008 in the US by Jeffery C Smith and Ge Wang (no longer with the company) with the aim of bringing music back to its roots as a participatory medium. It was meant to be a social network based on music, with users from across the globe collaborating to make music.

Cover classics on this music platform

In India, Smule’s community of users include popular artists such as GV Prakash, Shabir and MM Manasi. There is always an interest in singing along to popular songs from music maestros such as Illayaraja, SP Balasubrahmanyam or Shankar Mahadevan.

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